As a mama of twins and puppies, my world is beautiful chaos, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.My family and I are both born and raised in Maryland. After 10 years in the military we settled back to our roots, and are currently loving Island life in Kent Island Maryland. Kent Island, MD is just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the other side of Annapolis, Maryland. We love the culture here, boating, crabbing, evening rides on the kayaks. Our kids have beautiful beaches to explore, and get thier toes dirty. This is what Raising Wild Ones is to me, letting your kids be kids. This can look so many different ways. For some families, it may be playing in forts in the living room, or in a tree house. Other families may encourage their child’s artistic capabilities. I have found the photos that have meant the most to me, are the ones where we just enjoy each other. Yes, I like family photography where there are one or two family photos where everyone is looking, but I also love the family photos where you just enjoy each other.

There are long days and short years. The late night snuggles and just breathing them in, looking at them and seeing whose nose they have, or where they got their long lashes, the pajama days, and holiday madness, the rushing from one thing to the next; these are truly the good old days. I too have to remind myself to slow down and take time to just be in the moment. These are the moments I want to remember forever. The ones I cherish. I look at my walls where my family art is displayed; my little ones look through family albums giggling over themselves as babies, and my heart is full.

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