Embracing the Elements: Navigating Rain Threats at Maryland Beaches Photoshoots



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As a family photographer, I understand how crucial capturing those precious moments with your loved ones can be. And when it comes to planning a photoshoot at one of the stunning Maryland beaches, the last thing you want to worry about is the unpredictable threat of rain. But fear not, for I’m here to guide you through the process of handling inclement weather and ensuring your photography session remains a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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Yesterday’s photography session at one of the beautiful Maryland Beaches near my home inspired me to write this post. The weather called for no rain until 8pm, well past our family photo session. I understood what was at stake here. There is a one year old, and older pup, and wrangling everyone together. If the session didn’t place today at one the Maryland Beaches than we would have to reschedule or do a studio session. I looked at the sky and it was telling me another story; that there would be rain before 8pm. I had a few back up locations in mind that would give the same vibe as our original location and it didn’t have a long walk back to the car. I thought, this way, in case it did rain, we were covered. My studio was also just a mile away from our session. Our bases were covered, and we decided to proceed with our original plan to take photos at one of the beautiful Maryland beaches in the area. We were able to get some stunning photos in the flower field by the beach. Hair was perfect, clothes were dry, and everyone was just loving on one another. We then walked to the beach. I have never seen one of the Maryland beaches on the bay so windy. There was a light rain, lots of wind, and the tide had rolled in. We had a 15 year old dog, and a one year old napping toddler out past his bed time. But do you know what this family and photographer did? We embraced it. We played in the rain, splashed in the water, and snuggled that little boy, and it was one of the most fun sessions I have ever had. If we had called this session for a later date, or rain away from the moment, a lot of the magic would have been lost. I am not saying to stay in a thunderstorm. Safety first, of course, but sometimes, there is a lot of beauty in the unforeseen. In this blog post, we will explore strategies to mitigate the impact of rain on your Maryland Beaches photoshoot, from understanding the weather forecast to embracing the elements for truly magical photos.

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Don’t Panic Over Long-Term Forecasts

One common mistake many clients make is obsessing over long-term weather forecasts, sometimes weeks in advance. While it’s natural to want perfect weather for your photoshoot, meteorological predictions beyond a few days tend to be unreliable. Weather patterns can change dramatically, so it’s crucial not to be overly concerned about forecasts a week away for your family session at the Maryland Beaches.

Instead, focus on keeping a close eye on the weather forecast as your scheduled photoshoot day approaches. The day before your session is when the forecast becomes more accurate. This is the ideal time to evaluate the situation and make informed decisions about your photoshoot plans. Remember, it’s not uncommon for the weather to surprise us, and a gloomy forecast days in advance might turn into a sunny day at the beach when the time comes.

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Open Communication with Your Photographer

One of the most valuable assets in your quest to conquer rainy weather concerns is open communication with your photographer. Photographers are experienced in dealing with various weather conditions and can provide valuable insights and suggestions. Reach out to them if the forecast for your scheduled day appears unfavorable for an outdoor Maryland beaches photoshoot due to rain.

Experienced photographers often have flexible schedules and may be able to reschedule your session for a day with better weather conditions. Keep in mind that they are equally invested in ensuring the success of your photoshoot and will work with you to find a suitable alternative date.

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Exploring Alternative Locations along with Maryland Beaches

If rescheduling is not an option or if you’re determined to capture the magic of Maryland Beaches, consider alternative locations that provide shelter from the rain. Many indoor venues, such as charming beachfront cottages or beachside restaurants, can serve as picturesque backdrops for your family photos. These locations offer both shelter and the coastal charm you desire, even if the weather is less than perfect.

Additionally, exploring nearby areas that don’t have a rain forecast can be a brilliant solution. Maryland Beaches and other Maryland photographer locations offer a diverse range of settings, from lush parks to historical sites, all within a short drive from the coastline. These locations can provide beautiful backdrops for your photos, ensuring your memories are captured even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

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Embracing the Weather at the Maryland Beaches: Wind, Mist, and Drama

Sometimes, the threat of rain brings with it unexpected gifts in the form of wind, mist, and dramatic skies. Embracing these elements can lead to breathtakingly beautiful and unique photographs that capture the raw beauty of Maryland Beaches.

Imagine your family framed against a backdrop of mist rolling in from the sea, creating an ethereal atmosphere. The wind can tousle hair and clothing, adding a sense of movement and spontaneity to your photos. Don’t be afraid to let the wind whip through your hair and create a sense of drama in your shots.

The magic of dramatic skies cannot be overstated, especially at the beach. Moody, overcast skies can add depth and emotion to your photographs, creating a sense of nostalgia or mystery. These elements can transform an ordinary photoshoot into an extraordinary one, resulting in images that tell a story and evoke strong emotions.

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Expecting Wind at the Beach

When planning a photoshoot at Maryland Beaches, it’s essential to understand that it’s often almost always windy by the sea. However, far from being a drawback, this can be a fantastic opportunity for capturing dynamic and memorable photos.

The wind can create movement and flow in your photographs, making your family portraits come alive. Imagine the joy of your children flying kites or running along the shore with their hair caught in the wind – these candid moments can be incredibly endearing and make for fantastic photos.

Additionally, wind can also bring out the natural beauty of the beach, with waves crashing, seagulls soaring, and beach grasses swaying gently in the breeze. These elements, combined with the sound of the ocean, contribute to the overall sensory experience of your photoshoot.

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Types of Photos to Expect

When the wind is a constant companion, you can expect a range of captivating photos. Here are some types of shots that work exceptionally well in windy conditions at Maryland Beaches:

 Candid Action Shots:

  • As mentioned earlier, the wind lends itself beautifully to candid action shots. Capture the unbridled joy of your family as they run, jump, and play along the beach.

  • Romantic Moments:

  • Wind-blown hair and clothing can add a touch of romance to your beachside couple shots. Embrace the breeze for intimate, heartfelt photographs.

  • Scenic Landscapes:

  • The wind can create stunning patterns in the sand and water, making for captivating landscape shots. Use the beach’s natural elements to your advantage.

  • Family Bonding:

  • Windy weather encourages family members to huddle together, creating heartwarming moments of togetherness. These shots can be particularly meaningful.

  • Children’s Portraits:

  • Children’s fascination with the wind, waves, and sand can result in adorable, genuine expressions that make for cherished portraits.

  • family with dog on Annapolis beach in rain


In the world of family photography, the threat of rain at Maryland Beaches can add an unexpected twist to your photoshoot plans. However, by following the tips and strategies discussed in this blog post, you can turn the challenge of rainy weather into an opportunity for creative, magical, and memorable photographs.

Remember not to fret too much about long-term forecasts, keep the lines of communication open with your photographer, and explore alternative locations if needed. Most importantly, embrace the elements – the wind, mist, and dramatic skies – for they can add a unique and enchanting dimension to your Maryland Beaches photoshoot.

So, the next time the weather forecast threatens rain, don’t despair. Instead, look forward to the adventure and the chance to create extraordinary photographs that will forever capture the beauty and essence of your family’s day at one of the Maryland beaches, come rain or shine.